The Bureau of Non-ferrous Geology of Liaoning province
Brief Introduction
 Built in 1953, Liaoning province non-ferrous geology bureau is the enterprise that directly belongs to government administration of Liaoning province.
 There are 2980 employees in active service in the bureau, including 1009 special technicians who account for 34 percent of the total employees in geology, hydrology, geophysical and geochemical exploration, geotechnical engineering, super-hard material and mechanical process. There are over 126 high-class engineers and 445 engineers. There are 768 main equipments such as advanced GPS, seismograph, large imported spectrograph, and other equipments in geotechnical engineering and marine exploding rock. The fixed assets are 98340, 000RMB Yuan. In the past 50 years, the geologists have submitted 521 geological reports, ascertained various resources including non-ferrous metal, precious metal, rare metal, ferrous metal, nonmetal and energy sources, which amount to 31 varieties, and found a large quantity of large and medium deposits of good mining value and high economic benefit. All these include known deposits such as Hongtoushan Cu deposit, Hongqiling Ni deposit, Xiaojiaying Cu deposit, Language Mo deposit, Baizhangzi Mo deposit, Qingchengzi Pb-Zn deposit, Huatong Cu deposit and Wulong Au deposit. With the deepening of reform, the bureau develops other industries when geology exploration is main body. At present, the bureau has formed three underpinning industries including geological exploration, geotechnical construction, diamond and related products. The geological exploration chiefly involves geology prospecting and mining exploitation which begin to become more integrated. At the same time, other geology fields like disaster geology, engineering geology, environment geology and agricultural geology have been exploited and developed. The geotechnical construction has high fame and occupies most part of market. With high technology, advanced equipment, and most of patents and talented people, the engineering exploration and the geotechnical engineering have become a high-tech dense group which integrates design, exploration and administration. They have gained national or first-class certificates in geology, hydrogeology, mapping and geotechnical engineering. The diamond and related products have a large scale. Especially, The diamond bits have been honored with the national silver medal and are sold to abroad. Moreover, these qualities are free from examination in Japan. They also build Northeastern Non-ferrous Metal Industrial School in order to advance the employee’s idea and culture quality.
 The Liaoning Geology Bureau is located in Zhongshang Square in Heping district, Shenyang. Its subordinates distribute in Dalian, Tieling, Dandong, Yingkou, Huludao, Chaoyang and Fushun. No matter where they are, all have transportation convenience, environment beauty and material abundance. These advantages benefit them to develop further.



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